Made in Germany.

For decades, the only potatoes we have processed are grown in Germany by contract farmers who share our love of nature and follow the strict principles of sustainability.

With good reason: It’s not only that our potatoes grow in the richest soils of our own native land – we also produce our goods only in our own plants, right here in Germany. The close cooperation this creates between local farming operations and a state-of-the-art potato processing firm is considered a model success story, and at the same time serves to demonstrate our commitment
to Germany as a site of industrial operations.

"The “Aus gutem Grund” (Healthy Farms) label stands for assured quality, sustainable German farming practices, and top-quality potatoes for your enjoyment. Taken together, that spells quality and taste at the highest level – with a guarantee that all items originate in Germany.

Top-quality potatoes for your enjoyment.

Our potato products are produced exclusively in Aldrup, in the state of Lower Saxony, and in Oschersleben, in the neighboring state of Saxony-Anhalt. State-of-the-art facilities enable optimum manufacturing conditions. The result: quality and taste at the highest level, with a guarantee that all items originate in Germany. In total, our high-quality product range encompasses over 60 different potato-based frozen foods, all of them convenient for consumers to prepare in the oven, fryer, or skillet – in most cases, in just minutes.

Job security and our contribution to maintaining purchasing power.

We are extremely pleased at the high level of appreciation and goodwill that our products with the “Made in Germany” label enjoy among retailers and consumers. But support for sustainable farming in Germany means much more, because our contract farming and production operations provide security for thousands of German jobs. That, in turn, enhances the purchasing power of our own employees and those of our suppliers. Potato products from Agrarfrost with the “Aus gutem Grund” (Healthy Farms) symbol help us all to make progress, together.

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