- For the overall sales volume generated by Agrarfrost, one could easily buy 13,300 1.6-liter VW Golfs. For our part, we prefer to invest in technology, products, and employees.

- We have 500 employees, more than enough for 45 soccer teams. And they do make some impressive goals in our production and sales operations Ė while our cultivation takes up a total of 7,000 ha, or 9524 football fields.

- About 400 contract farmers, with combined tractor power of at least 60,000 HP, supply us with potatoes directly, fresh from the field.

- After a combined total of just under 150 years of studies, our 30 agricultural engineers ensure intelligent cultivation of our crops.

- Before processing, our climate-controlled warehouses hold up to 250,000 tons of potatoes. Thatís the same as the weight of 446 Airbus A380 planes.

- Agrarfrost produces about 200,000 tons of potato products every year, nearly four times as much as the Titanic weighed when she sank in 1912.

- Additional annual production of over 20,000 tons of potato snacks and 5,000 tons of potato flakes. Thatís twice the weight of the Eiffel Tower.

- In total, we process more than 450,000 tons of potatoes. This volume of potatoes would be enough to feed the entire state of Bremen for nearly a year, assuming potatoes were the only food.

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